Pediatric Dentistry for Kids Fargo ND

Dr. Jay’s Dentistry for Kids

At Dr. Jay’s Family Dentistry, we strive to create an atmosphere that’s family-friendly. We think it’s important for children to develop healthy oral hygiene habits early in life, so we want to make their experience with the dentist as easy, gentle, and helpful as we can.

Hygienist Exam

The hygienist will go over the child’s medical, dental and dietary history with a parent. She will inspect the teeth and gums and assess the risk for decay, gum disease and orthodontic problems. She will also take digital x-rays to detect any decay between the teeth and to see how the permanent teeth are developing.

Teeth Cleanings

Even kids can develop tartar on their teeth! If the hygienist finds any of this gum-irritating deposit she will gently remove it with special hand instruments. The teeth will then be polished with a soft rubber cup and special toothpaste. Finally, the cleaning will be completed with gentle flossing between the teeth. Child and parent will also be shown how to clean the teeth at home so that they can prevent the tartar from forming in the first place.

Fluoride Treatments

We strongly recommend a fluoride treatment at this time to strengthen the enamel on your child’s teeth and thus protect them from tooth decay. This is done by putting fluoride gel into a soft foam applicator which is then placed on the teeth for a short time. The child can pick from several yummy flavors!

Dentist Exam

Dr. Jay will then come in and do his exam of the patient’s oral cavity. He will combine his findings with those of the hygienist, decide upon a treatment plan and discuss this with parent and child.

Sometimes kids have dental problems that need attention soon but are beyond the scope of a general dental office. In these cases Dr. Jay will refer your child to the appropriate local dental specialist for evaluation and treatment.


If a cavity is found an additional appointment will be scheduled. At that time Dr. Jay’s assistant will both explain and show how the cavity will be removed and then replaced with a filling. As Dr. Jay fixes the tooth he will explain what he is doing. Good helpers are rewarded with a trip to the Toy Basket!